Asus Vivobook S400C-RS51-CB
Asus Vivobook S400C-RS51-CB

This is an ultra light laptop that only weights 2.50 kg. It also has a touch screen function that allows easier control over the laptop. This extra-slim laptop is made out of elegant aluminum for the sole purpose of reducing its weight, therefore its suitable for users who travel a lot. Furthermore, this all-glass panel laptop screen makes swiping, scrolling and all other gestures much more simplier and satiasfying. It also has an AudioWizard technology for a more powerful sound and richet bass. The sound system has additional features to fit the user's needs based on their preferences and environment. With an Intel i7 processor, daily multimedia tasks can be performed faster with a satisfying powerful experience.

Asus Vivobook S400C-RS51-CB specifications
Processor Intel Core i5 3517U
RAM DDR 3 1600 MHz SDRAM; OnBoard Memory 2GB/4GB
Display 14" screen
GPU Intel HD Graphics 4000
Operating system Windows 8 Pro/8