Acer Switch Alpha 12 Acer Switch Alpha
Acer Switch Alpha

This is the only detachable laptop among all of our advertised laptops. This special touch screen laptop allows you to seperate the screen from the keyboard to use it as a tablet, along with a stylus. Designed to fit in even the tiniest spot in your bag, this 1.25kg super slim laptop is an ideal laptop for travellers who do not like to carry around heavy and large sized laptops. You can adjust the kickstand behind the screen to the exact angle you need. This laptop is cool and quiet, suitable for wherever you are.

Acer Switch Alpha specifications
Processor Intel i3-6100U / i56200U / i7-6500U
Storage 128GB / 256GB SSD
Display 12" IPS QHD Multi Touch
GPU Intel HD Graphics
Operating system Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro